SNOW RIVER has been manufacturing quality wooden bowls and cutting boards in Crandon, WI since 2002. 

OUR products are created from repurposed wood making each of our cutting boards environmentally friendly and uniquely beautiful.

NEW technology has come to SNOW RIVER!  We can now laser engrave our boards with logos, maps and images.  We can custom shape boards, too.  We have a variety of different products, just to name a few: bowls, sampler trays, shower grates, tablet stands, over the sink boards, pastry boards and of course many different sized cutting boards.  

There is another option, a thinner, practical, convenient board, good for all occasions. The DISHWASHER SAFE selection.  The dishwasher safe board is great for restaurants and at home.  Easy to use, easy to clean and is a definite space saver.  

WAIT!  How could it get any better than this, there is one more product that is essential for all wood products.  It is the SNOW RIVER WOOD OIL (available in two sizes 8 oz or 32 oz).  It preserves and protects wood from splitting and cracking.  It is food safe, odorless and tasteless, overall easy to use.  Just wipe on the wood and magic, your wood is like brand new!  Don't take our word for it, it is a must see to believe, once you use this you will ask, how I ever lived without!  

Are you excited, don't wait, explore our website to see sample products and learn about our process.

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